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Compact fieldpoint help!!

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Hi, im currently using compact fieldpoint cFP-2120 with modules cFP-AIO-610 (X3) cFP-TC-120, cFP-RLY-425, cFP-DIO-550. The question i have is im using cFP-AIO-610 to measure Voltage. The issue that i having is that i can measure e.g. 3 Volts on channel 1, then i connect it to channel 2 (not while connected to channel 1). And it wont read 3 volts it gives less that a tenth of this value and the current is increasing to a large value if i try and increase the Voltage. Ive checked my connections on the cFP connector, MAX and everything seems ok. Is the module broke? could it be bridged? Ive even changed the module to a new one and same problem. What could it be??



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08-27-2015 04:09 PM
This issue is currently being dealt with via NI UK Technical Support.
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