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Can you connect a DB37 cable to a cfp-cb-1 connector block?

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Hello All,

I am looking at upgrading an existing compact field point unit to a cDAQ unit and I am figuring out a way to test the new system without having to unwire and re-wire all of the old compact field point terminal blocks for testing.  I would like to connect a db37 cable to the cfp-cb-1 connector blocks that are on the existing system so I can do tests with the new cDAQ replacement system without having to unwire everything.  Unfortunately, the hardware is in another state and I do not have a physical cfp-cb-1 terminal block sitting in front of me to test to make sure a db-37 cable will mate properly without running into the cfp-cb-1 housing.  Has anyone done this before, or know if a cable will connect without interference issues?  Thanks!

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Hi jmyer


Seeing the datasheets of the cfp-01 and the compact fieldpoint backplanes they use 37 pins connectors. So the db-37 should work with the cfp-01 but what I do not understand is the connection you want to do with the CDAQ device since the connections are different. Could you explain a bit more this part or post a simple connections diagram of what you want to do.

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I am basically trying to connect my cDAQ up to signal lines that are currently connected to a compact field point using the cfp-CB-01 terminal blocks.  I am trying to get away with not having to unwire all of the lines to the cfp-cb-01 terminal blocks to wire them into the modules on my cDAQ.  So the plan is use a db37 cable (male connector to flying lead) to plug into the cfp-CB-01 terminal block after it is removed from the comfact field point backplane and route the signals to my modules on the cDAQ so I can test using my cDAQ and then return the signal lines back to the compact field point unit without having to un-wire and re-wire to switch between units.  I looked at the cad models and it looks like I can connect them without interference, but just curious if anyone had done that before and knew it worked without any interference issues with the housing of the cfp-CB-01 and the db37 cable connector. Thanks for replying!

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Accepted by topic author jmyers


I was able to get ahold of a cfp-cb-01 connector block and a standard male db37 cable mates to this connector block without any interference.  This may be helpful information for someone in the future trying to upgrade an older cfp unit.  You can connect test cables to the old cfp-cb-01 terminal blocks to test your new system and easily return to the old system without having to unwire all of the your existing connections to the cfp unit.

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Hi jmyers


Thanks for this information I am sure this will help some one in the future 


Warm regards

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