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Callender-Van Dusen Equation


cn some one help me to slove this equation.
where R0 is the resistance which I read at runtime, 

Temperature below 0 degree Celcius.
              RBaseT = R0[1 + A X T + B X Tpow2 + C X Tpow3 X (T - 100 degree celsius)]

Temperature above 0 degree Celcius.
              RBaseT = R0[1 + A X T + B X Tpow2]


RBaseT = RTD resistance at temperature T
R0 = RTD nominal resistance at 0 degree celcius
A,B,C are coefficients given

A = 3.18 X 10pow-3
B = -6.02 X 10pow-7
C = -6.0 X 10pow-12
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Sujeep,
I know that this equation is used in our FP-RTD-122 modules, but I am not sure why you need this equation solved.  Are you trying to double check the modules output against the equation?

Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hello Mr.Michael

         I am reading the resistance value from fieldpoint and converting into temperature by using the formula

          (2.5641 X Resistance value) + 16.59 = Temp in K.        i.e., y=mx+c.

        But this is not accurate value. so I want to make use of the formula provided by NI. Kindly look into the attachment.




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This calculation can be made quite easily with the use of a formula node.  The formula node will take in all of the inputs for this equation and will give you a result.  I have attached an example that implements your equation.  I hope that it helps.
Brian Coalson

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National Instruments
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Hello Sir,

Thanks for ur reply. But I could not view the attachment becz i am using LabVIEW8.0.



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Hi Sujeep,

Here is the VI that Brian wrote but for LabVIEW 8.0.  I hope this helps.


Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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