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CFP-CTR-502 for Motor Control, Anyone?

alright so I know the Motion controller boards pretty well now and how to program with them. However I'm not very satisfied with the orientation of the boards. It seems that NI's propriotery 68pin cables only come in 2.5 meter lengths at max and work in conjunction with the costly UMI boards. The problem is I need to have my computer much further away (20+feet) from the motor stuff. I primarily work with Compact FieldPoint on the same environment and have been thinking of trying to get the CTR-502 card to talk directly to the Motor Drives. Anyway I'm curious if anyone else has done this. that way I can control the motors from the CFP now and the distance from the computer is dependent on the Ethernet cable I provide from the computer. I work with both DC and AC motors and both mid level and Upper level controllers.
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Hello mwenger,


While you might be able to come up with a control scheme for your motors using FieldPoint, it will take some time to write the code to come close to what our motor control board can do. 


But with that being said, it will still probably be doable, just not through any advice I can offer you.  I would recommend posting in the DAQ forum as it will see a lot more traffic and you will have a better chance or running into someone who has built a motion controller using just counters.  

Field Engineer
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