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Bad RTD Readings with cFP-RTD-124

Presently I'm trying to determine if I have bad RTD's or if my cFP-RTD-124 boards are out of calibration.  I have a total of 20 SRTD-1 RTD's of various lengths from Omega Engineering.  They are connected to 3 prong uncompensated plugs which is plugged into RTD extension wire which runs to the cFP-CB-1.  I should mention that I have had these boards for over a year so technically they are out of calibration but this is the first time they've even been taken out of the box.  When I measure the resistance at the plugs and the screw terminals of the NI connector board I typically get 111-113 Ohms which according to my RTD conversion chart is around 85-100 degrees F for a room right around 73 degrees.  Reading the values in MAX I get temperatures from 76-79 degees F.  Can this type of variance be expected when connecting 3 wire RTD to a 4 wire board or is something else at play?
Any suggestions?
LabVIEW 2016 - Windows 7

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Hi MeCoOp,

Have you confirmed that your RTDs are wired properly according to the manual? It sounds like the values aren't correct going into the module.


Hillary E
National Instruments
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