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Are there any relay modules available for Compact Fieldpoint, and if not, what are the alternatives?

I'm speccing out a Fieldpoint system, and although Compact Fieldpoint has many features that make it superior to Fieldpoint for my application, I'm wondering why no relay modules seem to be available for it.

The cFP-RLY-420 is referenced in the manual it shares with the FP-RLY-420, and a search in the product section comes up with several pages that aren't viewable, but it doesn't seem to be currently available.

More importantly, if there are no relay modules available at this time, what would be the alternatives for switching? A small Opto22 backplane wired to a DO module perhaps?
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Several of the more specialized modules in FieldPoint have not yet been released in Compact FieldPoint. However, National Instruments is presently working on releasing most of these traditional FieldPoint module in the future.

Depending on your application, either the cFP-DO-401 or cFP-DO-410 (which are both providing sourcing outputs) may be a possible alternative. The DO-401 module can sustain up to 2 A per channel, 8 A squared per module whereas the DO-410 can sustain up to 1 A per channel. Please note that these modules only handle low voltage DC.


Cyril Bouton
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