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Are the modules listed compatible with one another?

I am working on an experiment involved with monitoring the level of water in a tank as well as its temperature.
I need a counter module to measure Hz from an OMEGA flow meter, an input/output module to control 3 valves (output: 0-10V; input: 0-10VDC),
a thermocouple module and a module to connect everything to Ethernet.
Below is a list of items I have received information about and/or have used previously that I think could work for this application:
1. cFP-AIO-610
2. cFP-CB-1
3. cFP-CTR-502
4. cFP-CB-1
5. cFP-TC-120
6. cFP-CB-3
7. FP-1601
8. PS-4 Power Supply
Do I need connecting blocks for each of the AIO, CTR and TC modules?
Is the FP-1601 itself a power supply, or do I need #8 (PS-4 power supply)?
Is each module compatible with all the others?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!!
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   The I/O modules you listed are of "compactFieldPoint" family, except the FP-1601, which is "FieldPoint" They're two different families, and if you want to build a (newer) cFP system you can't use a FP-1601, while you can use a cFP-2120 (for example).   This module has the same role than FP-1601 (even if they're different), it is called an "ethernet interface module", and there're different kinds, all compatible with cFP I/O modules you mentioned.

   All cFP-21xx (cFP-2100, cFP-2110 and cFP-2100) have ethernet port for connection with your PC, the difference is in the number of serial ports and internal RAM of the controller.  If you think you can be done with 64 MB of RAM and one RS232 port, a cFP-2100 will do that.

   My personal suggestion is to use a cFP-2120, the top controller, because you get 128 MB of RAM and 3 RS-232 ports, and one RS-485.  That can be useful for interconnecting to some other system....

   I don't know in detail all  I/O modules, but I think you need a connector block for each one.... anyway, you can ask directly to NI about your complete configuration, they'll tell you.

   Usually, ONE power supply is enough for all the system, just check Watts you need! At labs, I use a common 24 Volt PSU (SMPS), 75 watts, but, this may vary upon your power consumption needs!

    You didn't mentioned, but you need also a backplane!

   If you have further question, just post!

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Thanks for your help!
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