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Access DAQ card channel using FP-2015

I have a NI PCI-6031E DAQ card plug in my desktop. Also, this Desktop is connected through ethernet with FP-2015. Now I want to deploy a VI which tries to display some measurements from both DAQ card and FP Analog Input on my FP-2015 embedded controller.  But I found it is impossible for FP-2015 to access thejanalog input channels on DAQ card. How should I do with it?
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Hello Xi,

The problem you are facing is that you have more than one target, your desktop computer and your FieldPoint. 

1) Your desktop computer actually has access to both the FieldPoint AI and the DAQ card inside of it.  Unless you need determinism (Real-Time), you should deploy the VI to your desktop rather than your FieldPoint.  This will allow the VI to display both sets of information since it can communicate with both the DAQ card and the FieldPoint.

2) The only way for your FieldPoint to access the datapoints measured by the DAQ card is to have a separate VI running on the desktop.  The separate VI can use communication like Shared Variables, TCP, datasockets, etc to get the datapoints to your FieldPoint if necessary.

3) The newest version of DAQmx has an OPC server.  You may be able to access the OPC server using Data Sockets. 

I think option 1 is the easiest to work with.  I hope this helps.

Steven T.


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