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5 V TTL/CMOS Input/Output

I have a cFP-1804 backplane that I would like to add a digital output/input module to process 5 volt TTL/CMOS signals.  Is there a single board available to fit this application?  I've looked at the cFP-DI-330 and cFP-DO-410 but I would hate to buy two modules and only use 1 channel from each.  Any suggestions?
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Hi MeCoOp,


I think the module that you are looking for would be the cFP-DIO-550 since it is able to do both digital input and output. Let me know if this works for you.



Stephen S.

National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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Is there a way to manage the 5 volt output with that module?
LabVIEW 2016 - Windows 7

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You are correct in that the cFP-DIO-550 does not support 5V logic levels.  You would need to add external circuitry to sift levels. 


You might consider using a cFP-CTR-502 .  It can handle 5V levels.  User manual indicates that gate-input channels can be configured as digital inputs and that output channels can be configured as straight digital outputs. 


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