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2 CFP-2220 connected to the same RS232 Bus, using in turns

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I want to make an experiment using two CFP-2220 that in turns use the same RS232 cable (I am planning to bridge the cable). I will manage the turns with shared variables. Is this possible? I mean, can the RS232 be shared if one CFP2220 is not using it?

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Hi ggarza.  RS-232 is not designed for more than two devices to communicate.  It might be possible with enough

diodes and careful programming, but I expect it would be a challenge.


A better approach might be to use RS-485, which is designed to support more than two devices.


RS-485 information.


There are RS-485 to RS-232 converters available that will let you connect your other device; the -2220 controllers

have an RS-485 port already.



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