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Feedback on the NI Product Documentation Center

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Toolbar on the left is not space-efficient

The contents tree on the left-hand side of the page seems to be where navigation is done (instead of through links in the body of the article). This is inconvenient most of the time, but occasionally makes functionality almost nil. Here are screenshots of the right-most scroll bar before and after expanding the "Variables" section of Programming Reference/Alphabetical Programming Reference: 









Please reconsider how this is laid out - use more screen space, make the tree on the left scroll separately, something.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are aware Table of Contents navigation is a problem in manuals with large and complex TOCs (the DIAdem Help in this case happens to have tens of thousands of pages with a TOC that can go 6+ levels deep) and are discussing solutions to address the navigation and scrolling challenges.


There also looks to be a bug - the variable descriptions are included in the TOC header which considerably extends the page scroll length. I'll get that filed to our internal team. Thanks for providing screenshots and for sharing your feedback. 


Angela L. 
Senior Digital Product Owner - Product Documentation

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