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Its not ready

Every time I google something NI related and I find some valuable content on I see "NI is migrating this content to the new NI Product Documentation Center." So I click on the link and it takes me to the landing page for the Doc Center. I then do the same search there and come up with nothing. Two takeaways from this:

1. If your are going to replace a help page with another one, the absolute least you need to do is provide a direct link to the new page on the old page. Not a link to general landing page, or somewhere that might have what you need. The most important thing about documentation, bar none, is being able to find it. If people can't find it, it is useless.

2. I've never been able to find anything I've been looking for on the Doc Center. Seems that most documentation has not been moved over yet (maybe that is why there are no links?). But more likely this is just being rolled out way to soon. Finish creating the new site, then start promoting it.

Case is point, I've recently discovered the NI-XNET Bus Monitor tool. A quick google search for information on how to use it (searched: "ni xnet bus monitor") came up with this: Not a lot of content but some useful tidbits. Then clicked on the Doc Center link... takes me to an empty page. I do the same search on that page, and the first item is Automotive Communication with NI-XNET Course! Nothing to do with the tool. Looking through the first two pages of search results, still nothing to do with the tool. So either there is absolutely no documentation on the Doc Center regarding that tool, or the search engine is horrible. Either way, completely useless. Every time I search the Doc Center it is a similar experience.

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