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Generated PDF docs look terrible, missing images

The PDF doc generation is bad - please just provide links to the original, properly formatted documents.


Compare the generated doc on the left to the original on the right. Note the lack of text justification, formatting, horizontal lines denoting sections, missing image, and so on. It looks amateur, unprofessional, and makes quickly scanning for information difficult. The sans-serif font isn't helping either.





Prefix the doc with the new NI cover page and single entry contents page if you really want, but don't destroy the original document's layout just for the sake of the rebrand. Green makes for a bad header colour anyway imo.




Edit: PDF documents attached.

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Thanks for the feedback. The NI branding requirements impact how well we're able to generate PDFs on the fly and can lead to the mentioned formatting problems. We're aware of the issue and will be working with the branding team to address the readability challenges.


Angela L. 

Senior Digital Product Owner - Product Documentation

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