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Far too Cheesy

It would appear and NI are going down the cheesy route!
You obviously employed a branding specialist at vast amounts of money to give you a new look. Unfortunately the look is style over substance!
From your perspective it is an unfortunate truth that people rarely come to your website to buy products. But to get assistance with the products they only have, so your current fashion (fashion is defined as something so atrocious it has to be changed every six months), of making this more difficult is frustrating.

Please remove the cheesy photographs of people in front of equipment, intelligent among us understand that this will happen and are not impressed. Stupid won't understand what you're trying to convey! Or you require is easy access to concise information.

Downloading drivers, and package manager! This could have been a welcome improvement however, your assumption that our measurement computers are connected to the Internet there is a lack of understanding of the real world. Any organisation that values its confidentiality or IP will never connect crucial computers to the Internet. It has become increasingly difficult to find off line downloads/installers. If you do not wish to waste your current website can you please give your serious users an alternative as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find updates and drivers to new hardware.

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