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reading shape file and searching by file type

I want to write an application for working with ESRI .shp files which I think shouldn't be too hard. Looking for recources on this forum I didn't find any at all, which is unusual to me.
It made me wonder the following: Why can't I search for resources on by file type? I see a lot of applications that interact in some way with existing file types (beyond ordinary xls, doc and txt), but information (be it articles, links or forum questions) are spread out all over the web (if the information exists at all). I would love to see recources grouped by file type, so I can see in a list of extensions which types people program for(in labview). Maybe there's allready something like this that I am not aware of?
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We don't have a way to search content by file type. And since most attachments are zipped up by NI or by customers, searching for a filetype probably wouldn't yield the results you were looking for.

If an article (or customer question) makes a reference to that filetype in the text itself, or includes a link to such a file, the file extension will be indexed.

I don't see any content relating to ".shp" files, so I would recommend simply posting your request to the appropriate product category in the Forums.

Best of luck with the application.

-Carrie Hooper
National Instruments
Web Support & Operations
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I was wondering whether any progress was made on this issue?

I need to create ESRI shapefiles.  Did you create any Labview VIs that would be useful?

Jim West

Summitek Instruments

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Jim -

I would recommend that you post this question in the LabVIEW board if you haven't been able to find an answer using search yet.


Molly K.
Web Support & Operations Manager
National Instruments
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