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Split the label "UI & Usability" in the "LabVIEW Idea Exchange"

Almost all of the ideas in the LabVIEW Idea Exchange have the Label "UI & Usability". I vote for splitting this Label into several ones. (Probably only for the new posts).

I propose some labels:

  • Front panel (for showing to the user)
  • Block Diagram Look  (adds no new function to the program
  • New Function (introduce a new primitive, ...)
  • Programming usability
  • Programming speedup (for coding quicker)
  • (and one for all the rest?)

Please at least introduce the label "Front Panel". I miss a lot of things there and would like to find related ideas.




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Additional labels that might be useful, from here:


  • Control and System Design
  • Database
  • Development Tools
  • Image/Video Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Visualization/Reporting
  • Add-on/Toolkit
  • Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEWDeploy, by Wirebird Labs: Expert Toolkits for LabVIEW
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    And maybe also:

    • Build Process (Executable, Installer, ... ; Often "Installation & Upgrade" is abused)
    • Debugging & Probes

    A comment explaining the purpose of the labels could help further. This could be a tooltip for the labels.

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    Maybe this idea is more likely to be implemented and would go some steps in this direction: Better Tagging Support in Discussion Forum

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