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Sending PM from user profile

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This may have been reported previously elsewhere in the forums.


When attempting to send someone a PM by clicking on their user name which prompts a pop-up that offers a link to PM, the website brings us to all the PMs, but it does not prompt a message to the user that you want to send a PM to.


The new PM area is really horrible.  Whoever designed it should win the worst implementation for 2020.  It goes to the last message received and displays it to the right window.  It is not obvious how to navigate from there.  If it is the new "trend", it is a horrible one.


There are good things with the new site and there are bad things.  The new PM feature is way below the bad things.  I am trying my best to say it with a loving and positive way.  🙂

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Accepted by topic author Ray.R

@Ray.R ,


Thank you for the feedback. I'll note both issues and see what we can adjust.




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Thanks Mark



Let me know if you prefer seeing screen captures to show what I attempted to describe in my original post.

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