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RSS feed of the forum


Is there a possibility to get the RSS feed of the Discussin forums?
It is really nice feature to stay in-touch with latest topics without loading the browser.
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Baturin -

This is an excellent suggestion!

We have started investigating this functionality and hope to be able to provide something for you in the future. Is there other information available on (other than the forums) that you would be interested seeing published through an RSS feed?

Are there other users interested in RSS feeds from NI?

Molly K.
Web Support & Operations Manager
National Instruments
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I lived a shelted life, what is RSS?

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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Thank you for good news!

It is also interesting to read through RSS the NI news, examples and any other information from NI Developer Zone. For the today situation with growing and growing amount of information it is of the most importance to follow standards as much as possible. So, I think RSS to be the right way 🙂

to Ray Farmer
RSS is the very powerfull XML based standard way to publish some info from website to any compatible reader (for example Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, a lot of stand alone readers).
You can see description and specs on the net.
Try to look at
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thanks, I'll take a look at that.

Ray Farmer
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Baturin and all,

NI is publishing an RSS feed. We are still in beta mode and currently this feed provides content related to “What’s New on NI Developer Zone”. During the month of March we are testing this new capability. We invite you to test out this feed and let us know how it works.

The feed can be found here:

If you do not have an RSS reader, you can find a good RSS reader, at no cost, from:

In the future we plan to add many more channels that will cover much more information from NI.COM.

Efrat S.
Web Marketing
National Instruments
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Wow, it's great! Thank you!

Are there any parameters possible in the query? For example, is it possible to control how many news to retrieve?
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I just downloaded SharpReader and hat a look at it and the NI RSS feed.

Looks great. But as I am also a newbie to RSS - is it possible to answer these entries?

Using LV8.0
Don't be afraid to rate a good answer... 😉
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By the way, I have no experience with power RSS reeder, but quite happy with Mozilla Thunderbird mail client which has RSS built-in and also Maxthon (formely MyIE) browser has RSS in most recent version.
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I will have to try this

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