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Please fix the http/https mixup

It has been reported long ago that certain page elements load insecure when browsing this site via https, causing browser warnings.


One example is my 25k shield:  


As you can see, most badges (e.g. the proven zealot badge) load via https as they should:


<img class="lia-user-rank-icon-left" title="Proven Zealot" alt="Proven Zealot" id="display_4" src="">


While the 25k badge (and some others, e.g. the 10k badge too) loads via plain http, causing security warnings.


<img class="lia-user-rank-icon-left" title="Knight of NI" alt="Knight of NI" id="display_6" src="">


Somebody needs to fix this. Should be trivial! Thanks!




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