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No, I did not subscribe to that thread!


For some reason I now get auto-subscribed to threads I participate in, even though that option is off in my preferences. Please fix this! Thanks.




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I also receive emails concerning simple replies within a thread.  But not all of them... It seems random.  I have not yet seen a pattern.


I definitely get an email if I start a new thread.  The email asks if I received an appropriate solution.  LOL!


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I just started a new thread and made sure that "email me when someone replies" was NOT selected.  Let's see how many email I receive...

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Hi altenbach,

I apologize for the delayed response. We have confirmed this is a bug in our community system and are working with our community provider to identify a solution. We will keep you updated with any new information.

Best Regards,
Kristi Martinez
NI Community Support
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Lucky you! I'm getting notifications for a whole community group that I'm not subscribed to!

Group notifications.png

No groups.png


While I do have the "Automatically subscribe me to topics or reviews I participate in" option checked, I've never posted in any of those threads, nor read them. I did subscribe to the G# community over a year ago so that I could ask a question but I left the group shortly afterwards.

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Looking at the first post, there aren't even options to unsubscribe!

No subscription options.png


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