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Make signature area obvious

Many users already use some kind of horizontal line or distinguishing feature to separate their signature. But sometimes it is not obvious and it is confusing to have the signature tacked onto the post. Can there be a horizontal line above all signatures? (Or some other feature, but a line is typically what I see on other forums).

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I agree that there should be some distinction, horizontal line (similar to what currently separates the attachment area), background shading, frame, or ....


If the sig flows too much into the body text (looking at you, for example), some users might consider it as part of the advice and try to interpret it in context of the discussion. if the sig is too colloquial (even with a separating line, example), it might be read as personal criticism of the OP, even if the sig is meant to be general.

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Hello Gregory,


Thank you for your suggestion to separate the signature line. We will review the impacts and possibility for making this change and may pursue developing this.


Best Regards,

Paula Cerda

NI Community Support

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