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List formatting issue


List formatting issue



I just noticed some formatting problems in the LabVIEW forum:


The border of the pinned article extends to the next list entries…

Even more weird interesting: this extension depends on the scroll speed I use to view that list: slow scroll = minimal extension, faster scrolling = longer purple lines. When switching tabs (in FireFox) the lines extended as can be seen in the screenshot.


Edit: after reloading the LabVIEW forum this issue went away. Maybe it's related to the slow forum access nowadays?

Best regards,
CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2017 on Win7+cRIO
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Re: List formatting issue

Hi GerdW,

Thank you for reporting the issue. I could not reproduce the formatting issue you were seeing. It might be a system or site related issue as you mentioned. We will keep an eye on it to see if it pops up again.


Best Regards,

Kristi Martinez

NI Community Support

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