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Issues signing in?

Re: Issues signing in?

I am going to resist the tempation to "pile on".


my thoughts are similar to what has been posted above.



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Re: Issues signing in?

Hi all,


Due the amount of feedback reporting trouble with the new SSO feature, we have rolled back the sign-on to the old method.  Please post back if you are still experiencing issues with logging in.


Again, one troubleshooting step that could alleviate some of the problems people have been seeing is to delete your cookies.  Take the following steps:


1. Log onto

2. Click the "Delete Cookies" button, which is located under the list of current cookies stored in your browser.

3. Quit out of your browser application (for you Mac users, don't just close the window).

4. Open your browser back up and log in per usual at


Please let us know if you are still having trouble after this rollback.  If you cannot, despite all efforts, get into the forums, please provide feedback through our website.


We will work to address any and all trouble you guys are seeing ASAP.  Thanks again for your patience and cooperation.  You guys are a great community!

Stephanie R.
National Instruments
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Re: Issues signing in?

Hooray it's working again!


Deleting the cookies didn't make it work....

Ray Farmer
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Re: Issues signing in?

(1) There are clearly still mixed messages. For example this morning I and shown as logged in but that the session has expired offering me to log in again.





(2) The community login in still confused. It still shows me as logged in on arrival, but any following click will show me as logged out.

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Re: Issues signing in?

Now, before everyone is going to be too happy... some of you should remember that tomorrow the next change will take place, see the announcement here

So some of you should be prepared...


Because our Community cannot handle spaces and because a space is considered a universal work break which doesn't work in "keys" that well, spaces will no longer be recognized in aliases. Affected users will be contacted and given the opportunity to alter their alias in their profile by a certain deadline. If the alias has not been altered by that deadline, by default, aliases containing a space will be replaced with an underscore “_”. So “Steve Chandler” will be automatically changed to “Steve_Chandler”.


NOTE: If an alias does need to be altered, we will give you the opportunity to create a unique alias with no spaces. If aliases with spaces still remain on February 14, 2012 11:00 PM CST, National Instruments will automatically alter the alias and you will be informed of the change.



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Re: Issues signing in?

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I want to say I'm sorry for all the issues you guys have experienced as this new single sign on feature deployed this weekend. We are currently working to reproduce this behavior as we did not experience this similar issue when testing before the deploy. Personally, I still have not been able to reproduce the behavior. To those of you who have listed step by step instructions and screenshots of the behavior you're experiencing, thank you. When we are able to reproduce and resolve the issue, we'll make sure these specific issues have been fixed before single sign on is released again.


Again, sorry for the craziness. I promise I'm not trying to make life harder Smiley Happy



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Re: Issues signing in?

I think I speak for many users.  "We greatly apprciate NI's commitment to a positive forum experience."  Thanks for the quick action turning around an unexpected issue.  (of course, if Li programmed in LabVIEW.....)Smiley Wink

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Re: Issues signing in?

Can we go back to when it started, I forgot to press the 'Me Too' button.... Don't you dare....


Thanks Jordan for the quick re-store.  I am a little surprised that you are not able to re-produce this behave, so what does your login/profile have different to the rest of us?



Ray Farmer
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