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Anomalies with user profile and notifications…

Re: Anomalies with user profile and notifications…

crossrulz - the timing of your issue falls in line with our regular maintenance windows, so it seems most likely that is the case.


GerdW - the timing of your issue seems more random though. Are you still seeing it? Does it happen every time? Were you seeing connection / performance issues in general?

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Re: Anomalies with user profile and notifications…

Hi Lili,


yes, those errors pop up very randomly (and seldomly).


- This notification error only occurs seldomly. The interesting part for me was: my avatar announced 3 new notifications, when trying to read them I got that error message, after returning those new notifications were gone…

- The connection was stable, the NI forum performance was "as usual nowadays" (means "not the fastest website on earth, but not usual slow")… (Comment on performance: I have two LabVIEW forums in my bookmarks, NI and German LabVIEWForum. I usually open at first NI bookmark, then the German one. I can read the German Forum first, most of the time before the NI forum website shows any content or even has finished loading…)

Best regards,
CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2017 on Win7+cRIO
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Re: Anomalies with user profile and notifications…

Thanks, Gerd.


- I believe your notifications were treated as if you had already read them because technically the page did load -- it's just that the components on the page did not load. Whenever you view your notification feed, the new notifications are "marked as read" without needing to click through on any of them.


- We are still actively investigating these type of performance issues, as discussed in the topic here.

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