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Am I posting correctly?

Am I posting correctly?

I am a fairly new forums user, and have been regularly posting to the Labview & Multi-function DAQ forums.   Over the last month I have noticed that my posts usually receive a few hits total over many days, while most other posts are viewed dozens of times within minutes of the original post.   This begs a few questions... Am I posting correctly?   Should I try to make my posts more attractive?   Have I maybe been black-balled?
Here is an example:
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Re: Am I posting correctly?

Some of the specialized boards are relatively low traffic compared to e.g. the LabVIEW board. Also things are typically quiet over the weekend.
This is also a bad time of the year because all NI people are scrambling to prepare for the upcoming NI week. NI headquarters is probably like a beehive these days.
NI engineers will scoop up and reply to all answers that don't get replies by volunteers. As they say, a watched post does not get read by others, so just do something else for a while and the replies will come. Smiley Very Happy
Maybe your question is hard. Easier question with a simple "one liner" answer typically get answered first. Sorry, I'm no hardware guy.
You could make the title of the post a bit more interesting and more specific, e.g. " simultaneous trigger of 6259 & 6025 with multiple sampling rates" or similar. Otherwise the title is pretty good compared to nondescriptive things such as "urgent!", "Please help me", "It does not work", DAQ problem", or similar....
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Re: Am I posting correctly?


One thing you want to avoid is posting the same question to multiple boards.

Try to pick the best board for the subject matter. If it is a hardware related topic then post it too the related hardware board, if its mainly software then post it to the software board don't post it to the hardware and the software board.

Try give as much detail as possible, gives versions of the software, drivers etc that you are using. Also try post an example.

If its an topic that someone has come across then you probably will get a quick response.

If you find that answer by your self then Well Done!, ....but share your answer.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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