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Dear Fieldbus team,


We have PCI-FBUS card [ 13B7838] - H1 (31.25 kbits/s) interface - 2 ports . The software version of CD  that came along with this card is Version 3.1 and it states  communication manager for Windows 2000/NT/XP.


The card is working fine in Windows XP computer.


I have placed the above card in a computer with OS Windows7 - 64 bit. The card didn’t got recognized.


At this point I am not sure whether the card supports Windows 7 or not?


I need clarification for the below points.

       Does the PCI-FBUS card we have support Windows7 or not?

  1. If it supports what we have to do to get the card recognized in the Device Manager.
  2. Does the software version 3.1 support Windows 7 or do we need to upgrade the software version.


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Please refer to the email reply from
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