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no blocks seen on some devices


no blocks seen on some devices



I am using NI Fbus version 3.2.3 and a softing HSE gateway. I am having trouble communicating with some devices :

They are showing in the link, but without any block. When trying to update the device, i get error code -11.


I already checked the wiring, and an emerson 375 communicator shows correct voltages and can communicate correctly with all the devices.


Changing the address of the device sometime corrects the problem, but not always.

Sometime, changing the link on witch the devices are connected (but still on the same gateway) solve the problem.

I once managed to get all the devices to show their blocks, but the problems reappered the next day.


T1 parameter is at 480000 and T3 at 1440000 (i didn't touch them)

All DDs are up to date




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