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cannot change the block mode of AO block

cannot change the block mode of AO block

Hello, recently, Christ helped me on the FBAP issues, 

so I went through his ppt file along with the configurator manual. 


Now I'm back to the tutorial 2 in the configurator manual. 


First, I used DVC6000f by Fisher alone, placing AI and AO block directly (OUT - CAS_IN) 

after downloading it, the AI block was in AUTO, and the AO block was in LO mode. 


so I tried to use another AO block from different positioner (it's our brand-new positioner) 


so it became AI(Fisher) - AO(YTC) 

and I downloaded the project, however AO was now in OOS and it won't become Auto or CAS mode. 

when I tried to change it, it stays for a few seconds, and it goes back to OOS mode. 


I searched all over in the manual and couldn't find any helpful tips to resolve this problem. 


Would somebody please give me an idea on this ? 


Very much appreciated, 





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Re: cannot change the block mode of AO block

I had a typo, sorry, 

Christ-> Chris

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Re: cannot change the block mode of AO block

It's OK. Smiley Happy


I assume you have done the step of "Download Configuration".


Then you need to check the Resource Block of the AO device. Make sure it is on Auto Mode.

If not, please go to the Diagnostics Tab to check what the BLOCK_ERR says.

Usually, BLOCK_ERR will tell you why you cannot set the Resource Block to Auto.


If you set the Resource Block to Auto, then you are almost there.

Go to AO block to check what BLOCK_ERR says.

And change the PV_SCALE setting of AO according to the OUT_SCALE of AI.


And the target status should be like this:

RB block of AI device:Auto

AI block:Auto

RB block of AO device:Auto

AO block:Cas | Auto


Good luck!



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