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Reading and Writing Block tags using nifread/nifwrite commands

I'm trying to read or write block tags/names using nifread or nifwrite commands through the NI driver.
I get back a -2 error, meaning block parameter is not found. I have tried referencing the parameter by name (BLOCK_NAME.BLOCK_TAG), by index (BLOCK_NAME.0.1). I'm programming in a VB environment. Do I not have the right naming convention? Is there a special way the block headers need to be reference.

In NI Communicator or Dialog, block tags are changed by read and write commands built into the user interface.

Thank you
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You can open the device, open the block, and read the parameter by index 0; then you will get the record of block attribute which includes the block tag name at the first parameter position. The parameter name should be BLOCK_TAG.
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