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Program hangs because control never returns from NationalInstruments.Fieldbus.dll



Our test software uses the .NET NationalInstruments.Fieldbus.dll to communicate with multiple Rosemount pressure transmitters while setting various ambient and pressure conditions. The test will run fine for days, if not weeks, when, all of a sudden, it attempts to read a Fieldbus parameter and control never returns from the NationalInstruments.Fieldbus.dll, thereby hanging our test software. This usually happens under extreme ambient conditions and my guess is that the transmitter is simply unable to respond.


The only way I know of to recover from this situation is to stop NI-FBUS Communication Manager. That immediately causes control to return to the program such that it's able to continue. But, of course, it no longer has Fieldbus communication, so we must restart NI-FBUS Communication Manager and then rescan the transmitters, which is very problematic.


I have two questions about this problem:


1. Is there any way to prevent it from happening? That is, is there some way to have NationalInstruments.Fieldbus.dll realize there's a problem in this scenario and return control to the test software? I didn't see any relevant configurations in NationalInstruments.Fieldbus.dll or the Interface Configuration Utility, but maybe I missed something.


2. Is there a less drastic way to recover from this situation other than by stopping NI-FBUS Communication Manager?





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