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Problem in changing address

We have many installations of DVC6200F foundation fieldbus type positioners.
Many times for various kinds of problems we have replaced PWB of DVC.But,recently in one positioner while replacing PWB it was observed that after replacing PWB the device remains with visitor address of 254.
Due to that, we are unable to commission that device on segment.We are not able to change the adddress of the device and tag both as it is in visitor address range.
Our control system is Honeywell experion PKS R400.8 . 
We have tried to change the address through HART475 communicator but even with that we are not able to enter that particular device.
Please provide technical solution for the same.​
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Hi harshil,


Did you try to change the device address through NI FUBS Configurator? The detailed information please refer to the NI-FBUS Configurator User Manual. Also, NI provides an example to set the device address through the VI API. You can find the example "NI-FBUS Set Tag And Address " in the " ...\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017\examples\NI-FBUS\Interface Device".


Please let me know if you have any questions, and I shall be happy to answer them.

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Hi zhengchen,


I am so delight to see someone discussing the issue of modifying device tags.


Do you know how to modify device tag through NI-FBUS 16.0 .NET Framework packs? (Device's tag property is read only)


After read NI-FBUS VI Help, i found it is easy to modify device tag through LabView. But as a .NET developer i'm still wondering if there is a way for .NET to make it.


I'm looking forward to your reply.

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