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PCMCIA-FBUS Win 7 driver

PCMCIA-FBUS Win 7 driver

I have NI Configurator ver 3.1 and PCMCIA-FBUS series 2 card. I got a new computer with windows 7 (64-bit) with XP mode. I was able to install the software in XP mode. But, I cannot get the PCMCIA card to work - the Win 7 tries to load the (old XP)driver. Is it possible to make the XP driver work in XP mode? If not, is it possible to get just the card driver for Win 7, without having to pay high price for the rest of the software?

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Re: PCMCIA-FBUS Win 7 driver



We started to support Win7 64bit OS from the version of NI-FBUS Configurator 4.0.1. That is why you couldn't find the PCMCIA driver even you installed it with XP mode.


My suggestion for you is to purchase an upgraded package to our latest version Configurator 4.1. For the price, please contact your local NI sales guy.





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Re: PCMCIA-FBUS Win 7 driver


Mr. Chris


I have installed the ugraded version of nifbus 4.1 successfully from net on my new laptop (dell latitide e5520) with windows 7 (32 bit).

My laptop is detecting PCMCIA card & communication manager is working fin.

I need to activate PCMIA card by using configurator utility.


There is neccessary to deactivate software from old laptop.


How can i activate my PCMCIA card?


My old laptop was ibm (r40) with windows xp.


My purchased software is NI-FBUS configurator /manager Version 3.1.


Please suggest me what should i do now?


Thanks & Best Regards,

Akbar Ali





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Re: PCMCIA-FBUS Win 7 driver

Hi Akbar,


First of all, the PCMCIA-FBUS driver is free to use as long as you install the 4.1 version software.

It is no need to activate it at all.


While it is the Configurator 4.1 that needs to be activated.

And it seems that you only have the license for the older version 3.1.

Now you should purchase an upgrading license to 4.1, which is the cheapest way.


The Part num information is listed below:

850283J-01          UPGRADE, NI-FBUS CONFIGURATOR, VER 4.1


Please contact your local sales guy for this product.

And ask them to combine your old license to the latest upgrading one.


If any further questions, please feel free to email to




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