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PCI-FBUS -- Dell Optiplex 760, no video after installing the NI PCI-Fbus card

I am just beginning the process of upgrading my 30+ production assembly stations currently using NI PCI-FBUS cards with new computers. (our current PCs are HP dc5100) 


I want to utilize our new desktop standard PC system the Dell Optiplex 760.


When I install our existing NI PCI-FBUS cards pulled from functional old PCs and place into this new Dell PCs the PC displays no video signa during the boot process.


I have tried both of the PCI slots on the motherboard, I have upgraded the integrated Intel NIC driver.  I have removed the optional dual head video card from the PCI-E slot and am now using the on-board video. 


I have run out of things to swap/disable with out correcting the no video issue.


This is the first problem I have had with the new PCI-FBUS cards.  They have always seem to plug and play until this new PC model.

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Update . ... after swapping the NI PCI-FBUS card with several other PCs, I have determined that card to be defective.  It will not start in the new PCs, the other cards I have tested will.  I think this is isolated to this card only, so I will be contacting NI about repair/replacement of it.
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