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NIFB OPC very slow when using server explorer

NIFB OPC very slow when using server explorer

We use Foundation Fieldbus for data acquisition only, to acquire bulk temperature data from Rosemount 848T devices.

We use FBUS Configurator for engineering and set up via a softing FG-100FF/HSE linking device. Operational data is acquired by a softing FG-100FF/M fieldbus to modbus TCPIP gateway onto a PLC.


On the engineering PC (Windows-Xp) The NI software bundle apparently comes communications manager 4.01 which is OPC foundation registered. Having launched NI server explorer on this machine I can drill down the device tags and read them approx 200 tags.


OPC would enable a more direct route to SCADA and a more scalable system for future requirements. Hence we have purchased a new Windows 7 PC and a licensed communications manager v4.1 to test performance of the OPC DA server. Having used the interface configuration utility and connected the new PC to the network I can again see my 4 segments with all my 848T devices. The problem is each each time I try expand the segment/block 5~10 minutes go by before the screen updates. I have set up 6 tags for reading by server explorer but the update is again very slow in comparison to when it is run on the engineering PC. The engineering PC is not connected at the same time as the new OPC PC.


1] ON the New OPC PC - Should the interface config utility have offline Boards as on the Engineering PC?

2] Does the New OPC PC need to by catered for in the fieldbus project, included in the Schedule?


Any tips/suggestions from more experienced user would be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards



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