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NI-FBUS Configurator doesn't allow me to run my PID Function Block Application


I have been trying to set a position on an FF actuator with NI-FBUS Configurator using a USB-8486. My goal is to make the actuator move open, and closed with FF software so we can get the test sheet signed off.


I have set the actuator setup to "position" as well as the Transducer Block to "position".


I have created a PID Feedback Control and downloaded the FBAP to the actuator and that went well except the downloader could not get the PID into service mode. It stays stuck in OOS.


I am monitoring the FBAP and the AI and AO seem to be functioning properly but the PID, no matter what I do, will not go into CAS or AUTO mode.


How do I get the PID function block to go online? See screenshot attached.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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I suggest that you update the DD file of your device and test again after that. Is there any error when you download the code?

It will be useful to solve this problem if you can take a video of how you operate.



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The DD is the latest version for the actuator. I don't recall there being an error when I downloaded the code. All I noticed is that the PID did not go into service at the end of the download at the end.


All I am trying to do is to move the actuator using FF. Do I need to use the function block application? Do I need to use the PID function block? Am I routing the function blocks properly?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to take a video, but I will try to answer the questions as best as possible.


Thanks for your help!

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Did you do any change in the PID module that leads to this problem? I would suggest that you re-import the DD file and test again.

If the problem still exists, I believe there is some error with your device. You can consult the manufacturer on this question.



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