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NI-FBUS Communications Manager fail to start up

After connecting USB-8486 and PC (WIndows10 1607), 

Sometimes (not allways) Communications Manager(version 16.0) fail to start up with configuration error at STEP 03. in the following steps, then board 0 will be removed.

In the Interface Configuratoration Utility, Device is selected as "Basic Device".

The settings of Interface Configuratoration Utility are adequate for our system.


exapmle of normal steps at start up

  1. Preparing Initializaiton ... Successful
  2. Initializing Board 0, Port 0 [USB Interface Device] ... Successful
  3. Configuring NI-FBUS Communications Manager ... Successful (fail in this step)
  4. NI-FBUS Communications Manager started successfully.

version 16.0 compatible for Windows 10. 

if i retry several times, Communications Manager start normally.

I would like to know what causes the error and how to start it certainly.


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