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FMS Read / Write Error: Error Class 8, Error Code 0

I am using the NFBUS PCMCIA card to communicate with the H1 device from DTMs. I am finding this error regularly. Is it because of more traffic or some thing else.

Any help..

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According to FF specification, Error Class 8 is defined as Other error, which can not be categorized.


I suggest that you check the followings.


- Whether the value exceed the valid range defined for parameter.

- The working mode of the block.  Write operation on some parameters should be in OOS mode.

- Whether the parameter is writable.


Message Edited by Vince Shen on 02-05-2009 12:43 AM
Feilian (Vince) Shen
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Hello Vince Shen,


Thanks for the information. I will look into the these issues.




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Hi Werner,


I am really sorry for the inconvenience!


We will fix this bug in the next version of Monitor software. The new version is still in development phase and the actual release date has not been fixed yet.

I will inform you immediately if there is any update.



Feilian (Vince) Shen
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Please ignore the above reply. Smiley Wink The reply is about another problem. I sorry that I mistakenly put the reply in this thread.


The error is not caused by NI-FBUS Monitor software. Monitor does not participate in FF communication. It just a passive capture device.


The error is returned by device side. Please check which index or parameter is accessed.



Feilian (Vince) Shen
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