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Comunicación Foundation Fieldbus

Estoy desarrollando una aplicaión para el diagnóstico de válvulas de control con posicionafores fisher dvc 6200f y 6000f. Cuento con los vi nifbus y la usb 8486. Quisiera saber si existe algun vi de ejemplo qie me guie para programar la comunicación fieldbus de la aplicación y el posicionador, es decir ¿Cómo hago para hacer mover la válvula desde el pc?


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Hi jdavid7,


Could you please describe your problem in English? And what is your question?



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Google translate interprets the message as: "

I am developing an application for the diagnosis of control valves with 6200f and 6000f fisher dvc positioners. I have the vi nifbus and the 8486 usb. I would like to know if there is an example vi that guides me to program the fieldbus communication of the application and the positioner, that is, how do I move the valve from the pc?

Thank you 


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Hi DavidDyck,


NI provides some example of NI-FBUS communication. You are able to find them in the path: ..\National Instruments\LabVIEW XXX\examples\NI-FBUS\Interface Device after you install the FBUS driver.



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I have not been able to control the valve since my application, I explain a little better what I need.

I must make an application that allows me to control the position of a fisher control valve with a dvc6000f positioner with fieldbus H1 communication. The application must allow me to enter a position in% for example (50%) and the valve to be positioned according. I have not found anyone to help me and explain to me what block and what parameter I should enter that position information.

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Hi jdavid7,

I am afraid that NI-FBUS VI API doesn't support writing the value in %. Does your device support 0.5 value instead of 50%?



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Apparently nobody has knowledge of how to send control signals to a dvc6000f positioner using the usb8486. They have not understood my question.

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