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Can't open certain FF blocks under Windows 10



  I am using an NI USB-8486 USB to Fieldbus converter along with NI Communication Manager.  The VB.NET example program included with the Communication Manager download as well as an in-house written VB.NET app both work fine on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.  All blocks can be opened, read, etc.

  However, on a Windows 10  64 bit machine, when trying to open some (not all) of the Fieldbus devices blocks, using the example program (or the in-house written app) an unhandled exception is thrown.  It appears the issue is in the CurBlock.Open() function.  Everything seems to work up to that point in both programs. 

 I'm quite certain I have the correct version of Communications Manager and have tried recompiling the in-house app on the Windows 10 machine. (Compiles just fine).

  I'm at a loss to understand why certain blocks throw an exception when an attempt is made to open them, when it seems the only variable between the two cases is Windows 7 vs Windows 10.  Any thoughts?



Bob L.

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