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First Tech Challenge training with labview

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I was looking for the Labview training guide for the First tech challenge and the source come up as "Not Found" or it may have been deleted. Does anybody know why this is or where else i could go to learn about Labview programming for FTC?

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It looks like the old training document is no longer avalible due to an error in our system so had I create a new document with the complete FTC Training material. The new doc has been entering into the system and is awaiting approval by our moderators, and should be live shortly. Sorry for the inconvenice we are working to prevent this error in the future.

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At the heart of every high-performing FTC robot is the programming code telling each mechanism how and when to perform a task.  If you're a new (or old) team, the challenge of programming may loom large between you and your tournament.  I want to take a little time and explain the programming languages and layout some resources that will help (if I may) crack the programming code.

FTC teams can use two programming languages on their NXT: National Instrument's LabVIEW and Carnegie Mellon University's ROBOTC.  The resources you have available and your past experiences can help guide you to the language you should choose.  For example, you should check with your local FTC Affiliate Partner to see which language is predominately used in your region.  Using the same language as other teams near you means you'll have an easier time getting help through those rough patches.  We'll start by looking at LabVIEW.


LabView, included free in each team's registration kit (courtesy of National Instruments), is a graphical programming language that allows you to test, program and deploy code to the NXT.  If you have students familiar with the FIRST Lego® League, they may be familiar with NXT G, which is similar.  Here are some other key items to note:

  • Graphically configure the motors and sensors (Supports TETRIX, MATRIX and other 3rd party components)
  • Automatically generate Teleop code from the remote control editor.
  • Test and create simple graphical autonomous code the whole team can understand.
  • Learn an industry-standard programming language that you can use in college and beyond. Over 7000 universities and 35,000 companies use LabView 
  • Use LabVIEW well beyond competition, LabVIEW can talk to anything, download free LabView drivers for the Kinect, Arduino, AR Drone, MindWave, wiimote, android devices and many other platforms. (  
  • Click Here to Know more info about  First Tech Challenge training with LabVIEW  


Thanks in Advance 

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