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EV3 brick with LabVIEW

Hello all,

I have an EV3 brick and am trying to get an idea on how I can interface it in LabVIEW using the Wireless ? since I know until now the EV3 wireless is still not complatible in LabVIEW.

Please any suggestion or idea since I know that someone in our uni has used it with the wireless?

thanks alot

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Hi warda_ez,

Happy New Year and you should find this of interest

For now you have to use the 'LEGO's EV3 Mindstorms' software to control the EV3.

Warning: When I installed some Mindstorm SW to mentor FLL teams, it adversely affected my LVLM installation I was using for FTC (so I uninstalled the Mindstorm sw, and reinstalled my FTC required software).

My students are really looking forward to the LabVIEW for EV3 !

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We are currently working on update the LabVIEW MINDSTORMS Module to add EV3 Support. The module should release in May.


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Are you still developing ?

  EV3 External Controller (TETRIX, MATRIX) Support

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I also need a TETRIX support for EV3 brick. Is there any hope?

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The LabVIEW Module for LEGO MIDNSTORMS includes TETRIX support for EV3.

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