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A motor doesn't respond in FCS Teleop

I have a teleop program generated from the remote control editor. When I go to use it in the field control system, one of the motors turns on, doesn't stop, and doesn't respond to joystick input; but the other motor does. I tried running the teleop program with the remote control editor and the program works perfectly, so I don't think it is a problem with the teleop program.

I am using National Instruments 2012 LabView for Lego Mindstorms, LabVIEW Toolkit for MINDSTORMS Competition 2014 - 2015 (LTMC), Field Control System 3.0.6, and a Cisco Linksys E1200 router

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Try checking the switch on the back of your Logitech controller--it should be in the "D" position.

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Thanks, it works

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