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suggestion re roboRIO software and drivers

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if possible, please post the roboRIO USB drivers as stand-alone installs.

That will let us try out our roboRIO without freeing up the disk space and waiting for the full install.


Martin Haeberli

Mentor, FRC team 3045 SWAT

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Hi Martin,

When you plug in your roboRIO your computer should automatically associate a USB driver with it. However, all software that you will need to communicate with your roboRIO is located here under the FRC 2015 Update Suite download.

Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager
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I believe the installer asks which components you want to install. They are all selected by default but you should be able to specify only the ones you want to install. And you can run the installer from the FRC Software disc instead of moving the installer around on the hard drives.

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Thanks for your note.  I made the request on 12/15, hoping to do a little with the roboRIO as a non beta tester before kickoff.  Indeed, your suggestion is now a good one.

On another note, I would very much like to have the needed Macintosh drivers... that is, a way to connect to the USB correctly from a Macintosh, not an emulated Windows machine.



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Unfortuantely we do not have drivers built for Mac. All of the NI software for FRC is built for Windows since some of the dependent toolkits necessary to program your roboRIO are Windows only programs.


Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager
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I've personally used a Boot Camp installation with my Mac to run the NI software.  If you're not familiar with Boot Camp, you configure a partition using the Boot Camp Assistant and a licensed version of Windows to make a second bootable partition.  If you do this, it's no longer a virtual machine and it runs Windows naturally.

While it'd be nice to not have to boot between the partitions, this is still something I've used on my own.  Hopefully it's a better option for you than running a virtual machine or finding a Windows machine.

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