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roboRIO analog inputs giving erroneous readings

One of my team's roboRIOs has recently started giving erroneous random readings on its analog inputs.

The RIO was purchased at the beginning of the 2018 build season.

We've been trying to use ultrasonic sensors as well as some potentiometers. However, when using the AnalogInput classes (or the more useful AnalogPotentiometer and Ultrasound) WPI classes to read the inputs we cannot get rational data from them. In fact, the same erroneous randomly fluctuating readings occur regardless of whether we have sensors connected. The issue seems to be with the RIO itself. The digital inputs also give us no readings.

Beyond that, the RIO is capable of accepting FRC code and running a motors via PWM and CAN. It is primarily the inputs that seem non-functional. I'm concerned that something could have shorted out the input system.


We have tried reformatting the RIO's OS. What other diagnostic, or repair steps could we take to revive this RIO?


P.S. We have switched to using a RIO from a previous robot which we had been using for team outreach (and it works perfectly with the sensors). So, this isn't time-critical to our build season, however it would be better if we could somehow repair this RIO.



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If you believe the roboRIO isn't functional, that's the kind of thing to give our support a call about.  They've got staff from 1-7PM Central to handle repairs/returns at 1-866-511-6285

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