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roboRIO Firmware Update woes

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Hello I had to do this last year as well this year I also had to resort to plugging in a usb with a special file on it, the same that I used last year to fix it. But for some reason it doesn't work, is there a different version of the file that I need to get????

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Hey jondoe77646,


Could you repost this in one of the new forums? I think that "Discovering and Imaging the Device" probably makes the most sense.


I'm asking to repost because that's where NI engineers are now monitoring questions so we'll probably get more help there. You can use the permalink to reference the discussion here.


In addition, could you also give some more details. I'm guessing you're using the roboRIO imaging tool and following a process like "Imaging your roboRIO". In the repost could you maybe clarify where in the process you're getting stuck and some screenshots?


Note: that in the "Imaging your roboRIO" it does mention there was an update to the roboRIO image recently.


"An issue was discovered with the roboRIO image version 2021_v3.1 included in the initial release of the 2021 NI Game Tools that prevents successful imaging of roboRIOs. Teams that downloaded the installer prior to the morning of January 11, 2021 should re-download and re-install the latest installer (no need to uninstall first). The new version is 2021 f1. Users with the correct version installed will not see 2021_v3.1 as an option in the roboRIO imaging tool." (from "Imaging your roboRIO")


Once I see the repost I'll follow up if I get there first.

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