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"Fatal Internal Error: MemoryManager.cpp" and /or "Cannot find NiRioSrv.dll"


I am working with the FRC 2009 Edition, and I get these 2-errors.

"Fatal Internal Error: MemoryManager.cpp" occurs when launching the Dashboard Project.

"Cannot find NiRioSrv.dll" occurs when dragging the

Any suggestions would be great.


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These errors usually occur when you have not installed some or all of the software on the FIRST Robotics Competition Software DVDs.

We have seen the MemoryManager.cpp error when trying to create a dashboard project after installing the on a machine that does not software installed from the DVDs.  R&D is currently investigating this (CAR ID 134784).

The missing NIRIOSrv.dll is because the NI-RIO driver is not installed on your system.  This driver is also included the DVD.

NI App Software R&D
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