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"Failure to connect to Real-Time target"

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I had s similar problem a few days ago, with my inability to connect to my project but after I reimaged my cRIO it started working again. After fixing up a few programing errors I made sure I built my project and deployed it, and i hade connection to both my communications and Robot code, but my robot would not run. I reset my computer and re deployed everything to see if there were any random clerical errors but when i re-deployed i didn’t get any connections what se ever. I made sure all my ip addresses were correct and my d-link was on the right settings. I'm able to ping the to the d-link, but I’m not able to connect to the communications or robot codes. And the NI phone line isn’t going to be open again till Monday. Any words of wisdom or help for a fellow programmer?

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well me an my fellow temamate fixed the problem! Just in case anyone elce ever has the same proble, the reason for this is probably the "safe mode" switched activated on, whenever you reimage your cRIO. MAKE SURE I IS OFF.

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