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installing addidtional softwares on robo-rio

Hey Guys,

I've been trying to install 2 extra softwares on robo-rio and as you know it's not possible to use NI-Max because it would overwrite the FRC VIs on roboRIO. I also found another soloution online by, which they use linux commands thorough SSH to install additional softwares on roboRIO, but the problem with this method is that I can't find the softwares I am looking for in the availabe softeware list.

here are the softwares that I need to install on my RoboRio :

1. Network Variable Engine

2. Variable Client Support

thanks in advanvce for helping me out !!

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If you use MAX and simply add those software packages then there should not be any problem removing needed software from the roboRIO. Just make sure you choose custom install so that you are not formatting and not removing any software.

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Thanks a lot,

it worked 🙂

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