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how to use netconsole in C++

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I formatted the cRIO and selected the check box for NetConsole. Now I need to figure out how to use it.

How can I include it the C++ code? I added "netcosole::cout << "test";" but it didn't compile.

Where can I find the NetConsole program on the development PC?

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You simply print like normal.  printf("Hello world\n");  You can view the output in the Net Console Client installed with the utilities update.

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I started the "NetConsole for cRIO" program. I entered "10.xx.yy.2" for the machine address and nothing happens. I also tried pressing the Auto button.

Not able to get any output yet. Any ideas?

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Make sure you have the firewall off and that you have enabled the NetConsole server in the cRIO imaging tool.

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Firewall is turned off (so I can deploy code) and I used the imaging tool to format the cRIO with the NetConsole checkbox enabled.  Is there anything else to enable the NetConsole server?

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