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error installing FRC tools from 2013 KOP DVD

The installation process has not been going as smoothly as I hoped, and I am looking for help to verify if everything has installed correctly.

We are programming with Java. I would like to install the FRC tools, utilities update, and Driver Station onto my laptop. While installing the FRC tools, everything seems to work; but at the end of each stage (NI-RIO, Vision, and FRC 2013 Simulation), I get an error message that says "An error occurred while installing <stage>. Do you want to continue installing the remaining products?" I clicke yes, and at the very end, the dialog says that they were not installed. Installing the utilities update and Driver Station appear to go as they should.

I am running Windows 7. I have tried

  • the serial number provided in the "Getting Started with the 2013 FRC Control System" manual and the one that came with the DVD
  • doing the install with anti-virus disabled
  • doing the install logged on as administrator
  • removing all previous versions of LabVIEW, except for LabVIEW 2009, which I use for LEGO MINDSTORMS

Anything I am missing? Is there another way to check if they have installed correctly? Thank you.

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If the driver station runs and the Dashboard shows images from the camera you should be good to go.

If the tools don't install correctly launching the driver station fails obviously.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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Thank you for your response. I didn't set up the camera, but I was able to deploy and run code yesterday. So I guess it's all good even though there were error messages during the installation process. Cheers.

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